Quine 101

Quine helps you build your developer experience, and showcase it to the world. Let's explore how you can do this:

Build Experience:

Head to the Contribute tab in the top navigation bar.

Here, you can select the language and topics that interest you, and Quine will recommend repos with a high concentration of good-first-issues for you to solve and build your experience.

Once you select a repository (by clicking the View full details button as in the image above), you'll be taken to the Repo Detail Page (see image below).

Here, you can find key details about the repo, the maintainer response times, star growth and more.

Then, select which issue you'd like to solve, and begin building your experience in Open Source!

You earn DevRank for each good-first issue you solve. Read more about DevRank here.

Showcase Reputation:

Once you've started building your experience, head over to the My Stats page.

Here you can unlock your stunning GitHub, StackOverflow and web3 widgets, copy the code and embed them in your GitHub README.

Quine will then generates a series of stunning widgets for you.

Read more about embedding widgets to your Github profile here.

View your standing in Open Source:

Head over to the Leaderboards tab in the top navigation bar.

Here, you can see how your experience in open source stacks up against the GithHub community, or Quine's community. You can narrow the leaderboard down by particular language, too!

Learn more about out leaderboards here and our rankings system, DevRank, here.