What is DevRank?

Your position in our leaderboards depends on your DevRank:

DevRank is a way of measuring the importance of your changes to open-source software projects.

It takes into consideration:

  • The number of changes you've made to a project
  • How many people have starred (liked) a project since you contributed to it, and their reputation in open source.

We use this information to produce a score (DevRank) which reflects your part in growing the project's popularity. Your DevRank combines scores from all the projects you've contributed to, and hence a higher value reflects more impact and importance within the open-source community.

This is the score we show on the leaderboards: the higher your position, the more important your contributions are to the community.

To learn about how we compute DevRank, click here.

To Note:

  • DevRank is currently computed once a week. You'll see a notification in Quine when your DevRank increases.
  • Your DevRank rises with the popularity of the projects you contribute to, and may rise slowly, but can continue to rise long after you commit.